What is NeuroLinguistic Programming?

NLP is the modeling of excellence in communication and emotional management. Neuro refers to the brain/mind and physiology patterns that hinder or help us; Linguistic refers to the language we use to influence ourselves and others; Programming refers to the way we use our brain/mind, physiology and language patterns to develop strategies that direct our behaviors and feelings. When we become aware of these patterns, and move them from our unconscious to consciousness, we start to take control of our lives and our interactions with others.

About Practitioner Certification

The areas where NLP training and counseling are effective are as extensive as the human desire to create a life that matters in a changing world. The fields of business, education, health, parenting, therapy, and personal change work have all been enhanced by NLP innovations.

NLP Practitioners have developed health applications, including processes to speed healing through enhancing the body-mind connection; improved parenting skills; overcome stage fright, making public speaking with ease possible; enhanced sports performances, and released allergies, phobias, and trauma. NLP Practitioners have taken their skills in spiritual directions, assisting others to align personal behaviors and beliefs with a higher purpose.

This basic NLP Training is for people who want to increase their personal success and enhance their professional effectiveness. Managers, salespeople, and professionals find that greater rapport and precise communication greatly enhance their “people skills”. This leads to greater job success and satisfaction. Educators, parents and psychologists gain techniques to change unproductive behaviors and thinking into strategies for achievement. Therapists, counselors, and health professionals learn new NLP therapeutic interventions that produce impressive results for their clients.

As with other major life passages, the NLP Practitioner Skills Certification Training is a voyage of discovery. It’s a strong commitment to your own personal and professional evolution.