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eraserA Grandfather’s Gift by Ricardo Ocampo.

On his first grandchild’s birthday John Richard presented his son and daughter-law with an elaborate leather-bound journal so they could begin recording the events in their son’s life.

Over the years, the parents and other family members wrote in the journal—noting his trials, tribulations, accomplishments, and limitations in the boy’s life, as well as their own hopes and dreams for his future.

When he became of an age where he could read and write, a ceremony was held. The grandfather presented the book to the child and explained much had been written in it by his ancestors and that he could read their perceptions and beliefs about him.

But even better, he could now begin to write his own journal entries – his experiences, his own hopes and dreams, his fears and his own thoughts.

As the years went by and he turned into a young adult, the grandson began to suspect that what he was writing in the journal was being influenced by the stories that preceded each entry – way back to the first ones, and that these were directing his life.

He felt he had lost control of the direction the journal was taking and was unable to write the stories he wanted. He tried to make adjustments to the older stories but without much success.

He visited his grandfather and asked what he could do about the stories that had created a life of their own. “I was hoping you would notice that and come to me,” said the wise old man. He smiled and pulled from his pocket a small, soft rectangular item. Holding it between his index finger and his thumb for his grandson to see he said: “This is a magic eraser, just waiting for your request. It has the power to change the stories and allow you to write new ones that reflect the direction you want your life to take.”

As the young man grew older, adding new entries and adjusting old ones with the eraser, he noticed he could align the old stories so they supported the direction he wanted. He felt he had more control of his life and could manifest the powerful vision he had for his purpose.

We are all born with our own “book of life.” Early events and the opinions of our forefathers and mothers create the beliefs and behaviors that begin to form our lives. But we need only discover that we each have our own “magic eraser” with which to alter any direction that is not in our best and highest path.

NeuroLinguistic Programming allows us to discover and use our own eraser – to identify and change the beliefs and behaviors that get in our way to having the best life possible.

Experience that magic and come find your own eraser at the 2017 Real World NLP Practitioner Training in Winter Park, Colorado July 24-August 5.

For more information: or call Ricardo Ocampo 303-550-8553

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