Transforming Anxiety with Eye Moves

by Jan Prince, NLP Practitioner & Trainer

One of the most powerful tools I have used in the last 30 years of my private practice has been what I call the “Eye Xercise” or Eye Movement Integration. It greatly reduces anxiety and PTSD symptoms for individual clients, lowers stress responses in meetings, and makes dealing with hectic days much more manageable.  It takes only a few minutes and the ability to move your eyes in an X pattern.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

When an individual is experiencing stress symptoms or anxiety I find that what they are usually doing internally is running an auditory/visual tape loop of their worst fear, over and over, causing a strong negative kinesthetic response. Using the Eye Movement Integration pattern shakes up this dysfunctional loop and allows all of the mind’s resources to attend to the problem.

For example, Joe was referred to me by an associate in a nearby city. When we talked on the phone he was in bad shape. He had been with a hi-tech firm for many years which was going through a traumatic reorganization. He did not get along with his new boss and his job was being phased out. At 55 he felt unprepared to search for new employment, yet the existing “no win” situation was very stressful for him.

Since I couldn’t fit him into my schedule for over a week, I led him through the EMI process while we were on the phone. He noticed that his field of vision seemed to expand and that he felt more hopeful.
Then we began meeting to strategize his job search, looking at and transforming his limiting beliefs and behaviors. We continued to use EMI in the session whenever he became fearful and again at the end of the session to organize and integrate his learnings.

It became a process he used daily during his successful transition to a new position within the large company.

Breaking tense situations and integrating information in groups

When facilitating meetings or conducting trainings I find that EMI is an effective “break”. When emotions start to flare during negotiations or group discussions I use it to help the participants expand their perspectives and calm emotions.

Personal uses

Whenever I am going through a particularly stressful time in my life, or I am preparing to take on a new endeavor that might cause some anxiety, I use EMI twice daily. When I awaken in the morning and before I get out of bed, I’ll do several iterations of the X and box and then again throughout the day when I take a break or before I go to sleep. It stimulates my thought processes and calms my nerves.

I tell people it is the easiest, cheapest antidepressant and anti-anxiety drug around!

Join us at the NLP Practitioner Training this summer and you will learn how to use this powerful process to improve many conditions.

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Jan Prince

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