I use my NLP practitioner and master practitioner skills daily – not only do they support my business, but they are “Life 101” habits of good communication and relationship-building. I can’t imagine how my life would be without them!
– Lisa Jackson, President, Corporate Culture Pros.

If being more influential and a better leader is important to your future, and you are motivated to improve yourself, NLP Training with Jan Prince is the best investment you could make.
My NLP training changed my life. Of all the things I have learned nothing is as much of a game changer as NLP. Nothing else gives you the insight in to other people and yourself. And now, thanks to Jan, you can get NLP training that isn’t primarily therapy focused—she has designed it for the business world.
– John Nelson, People & Business Growth Specialist

Jan is a superb NLP Trainer who makes her teaching understandable and doable. Additionally, Jan’s personal stories and her use of theatrical movies makes her training fun and enjoyable, while also making what you learn memorable for implementation.

Jan was one of my NLP trainers for both my Practitioner and Master level training and my own clients continue to benefit with ongoing, real-world results today, as a result of my training with Jan. I feel so grateful that I found the right training (and trainer!) the first time around!

If you are serious about taking action to get certified in NLP I highly recommend Jan along with NLP Comprehensive (NLPCO). You won’t need to get “retrained” in the future because you’ll get it right the first time!
JoLynn Braley, Weight Loss Mindset Expert

Have you ever had a “mountain top experience”, a moment after which you saw the world in a whole new way? In 2011, I had the greatest one of my life in Winter Park, Colorado. The two weeks I spent pursuing NLP Practitioner Certification were personally and professionally transformative.

Personally, with the help of experienced and expert trainers, I was able to move past many internal obstacles that have restricted my own development. I even overcame a life-long fear of swimming, a phobia I held since a near-drowning incident when I was 3 years old.

Professionally, I gained powerful insights and skills that have equipped me to build greater rapport with others, resolve conflicts, and help others achieve greater clarity and collaboration and reach the fullness of their God-given potential.

As a spiritual guide and leader, I am committed to helping others be the people they are intended to be. As a church pastor, I also have the responsibility of leading a non-profit organization with its own very real structural needs. NLP has given me the skills to help bring healing to others and the best outcomes for my organization.

Come have your own “mountain top experience” with the  NLP Certification Training from NLP of the Rockies!
– Rev. Dr. David Shelor, Tampa, FL

“Pursuing my NLP certification was the best decision I ever made…NLP is an architecture for coaching designed to maximize resourcefulness for taking action and making change stick”!
– Kathy Quinn, ICF Certified Coach, New York

Nuggets of Gold!
In 2008 I discovered gold, lots of it, in the Colorado Rockies! I completed a two week NLP Certification Training in Winter Park, Colorado. The difference it made for me was simply profound! I don’t even know where to start.

As an Internationally Certified Executive Coach and Licensed Mental Health professional, being influential and developing collaborative, trusting relationships is imperative in everything I do.To be honest, if I don’t do this well I don’t have a job!

One golden nugget I got at my NLP training was the simple art of Rapport. In other words, how to use verbal and non-verbal tools to become truly influential with others. Why is this important? Getting people to like, trust and be open-minded to you and your ideas gives you an enormous advantage in today’s intensely competitive workplace.

If you want lots of golden nuggets that can change your life and help you get what you truly want then attend the NLP Practitioner Certification Training with Jan Prince and her team of trainers! You will be so glad you did! You gotta love gold!
– Andy Taylor, ACC, LCSW-R, Corning, New York