Focus on the trainers: Babs Kirmis, Germany

Mamas Bilder 309 (2) copy (1)When the time has come for me to leave this world I would like to be able to say: “Yes, this was good. I learned to live with people—all kinds of people. Those I loved dearly, those I could not avoid, those I chose to meet.”

Learning has been the theme of my 50 years on this planet. My most powerful learning came from children, my own and those who were my students. My work with the mentally handicapped taught me to practice patience and flexibility – which I learned from my NeuroLinguistic Programming training. “If one path doesn’t work try at least two others!”

Traveling, meeting, and learning from people of other cultures has given my life a colorful richness.

Lately I have had to deal with the path of transition—many loved ones passing away – both young and old. Situations in which I have felt I had no choice – except how to find acceptance and internal peace. Still learning!

Hope to be able to meet you and share even more learning experiences this summer!

Barbara Kirmis (Babs)

Focus on the Trainers: Mark Andreas


As a Personal Change Coach and NLP trainer since 2009, I have always been fascinated with community, cooperation, and how conflicts can be resolved in creative ways without the use of force. After graduating from Earlham College with a degree in Peace and Global Studies, I began to collect stories of how people found creative and surprising non-violent solutions to conflicts. The result lead to my first published book, “Sweet Fruit fro the Bitter Tree: 61 stories of creative and compassionate ways out of conflict;”which to my delight was endorsed by Dan Millman and William Ury.

I am also an outdoor enthusiast, and worked two years as a counselor/trip leader for a Wilderness Therapy company, facilitating groups of “troubled” youth on a round-the-clock basis for three-week shifts. My second book, “Waltzing with Wolverines: finding connection and cooperation with troubled teens,” is a collection of stories and principles for working with youth based on the wild experiences that resulted from each new group and expedition!

If I started a new culture it would be based on the principles of NLP and improvisational theater. I have performed in several improv groups in the Boulder/Denver area and found that the principles of good improvisation can serve us for life in general, and much of my own personal growth has come through my improv work.

Currently I train NLP around the country, am instructor of NLP for Red Rocks Community College, and of course I’m delighted to be part of the trainer team at NLP of the Rockies. To find out more about my NLP private practice where I meet with clients from around the world both in-person and over Skype, you can visit my website I look forward to meeting you, whether at the NLP Starter Training, the Practitioner or Master Practitioner Training in Winter Park, or any other training offering through NLP of the Rockies!

Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas