The NLP in Love Series

Do you ever feel like you are missing a critical piece of the relationship puzzle? Whether your are searching for that special someone, trying to keep that special someone, or get rid of what at one time was that special someone, relationships can leave us feeling “relationship challenged”.

Not many of us were taught the skills to create healthy, loving relationships whether they are with our intimate partner, family, friends, or coworkers. Lack of relationship skills can leave us frustrated, sad, and hopeless that we can find and keep that special someone, heal broken relationships, or create meaningful and lasting connections.

From personally experiencing the pain and suffering when these skills are lacking, we are creating the NLP in Love series. A series of workshops and trainings designed to help individuals and couples navigate relationship challenges more gracefully. These workshops will combine the latest findings from relationship psychology, spirituality, and the powerful process of NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) to provide the skills, attitudes, and mindset to create healthy, loving relationships.

Workshops are being created for the following topics:

  • singles looking for relationship
  • couples looking to enhance their relationship and avoid common pitfalls
  • couples in crisis wanting to find a peaceful resolution
  • couples in transition who want to do it gracefully and respectfully
  • enhancing sexual intimacy between partners
  • men’s guide to women
  • women’s guide to men

Our first workshop is ready and it’s called:

Foundations for Healthy Relationships

Denver, Colorado

This three-day workshop covers the essential building blocks for building healthy relationships. It is for singles as well as couples and helps uncover many of the beliefs, attitudes and personal blocks hindering the creation of healthy, loving relationships. For more information go to the Foundations page.

 If you are ready to join us in this workshop, you can  register here.