NLP and The Four Agreements

NeuroLinguistic Programming and The Four Agreements

by Jan Prince

As a life transitions coach I am always on the outlook for resources to share with my clients.  Most recently I became reacquainted with a book I had read years ago:  The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.  The book is an easy read (actually I found myself wanting to edit it down) and very approachable.

It’s  tenant is simple:  we live in a dream world created by the rules our society uses to “domesticate” us.  We are indoctrinated first by our parents, then educators, then our particular society.  That “societal dream world” creates beliefs about ourselves and others that often cause us to feel powerless and unhappy.

Ruiz, a surgeon and Toltec shaman, suggests we can free ourselves of these limitations by adhering to four “agreements”:

Be impeccable with your word:  Say only what you mean; avoid using the word to speak negatively to yourself or about others; use the power of the word for good.

Don’t take anything personally: Be aware that what others do and say is a projection of their own reality, their own belief systems.  Even your own thoughts are a result of your conditioning and they must be examined objectively and challenged when they are harmful.

Don’t make assumptions:  Avoid misunderstandings and problems by asking questions and by expressing what you really want.  Don’t assume you know what motivates others.

Always do your best:  Avoid self-judgment and regret by doing your best and understand that “your best” will change from moment to moment and improve as you evolve.

These agreements have been invaluable to my personal growth and to the lives of my clients.

They are simple yet challenging to live.

NeuroLinguistic Programming has made it easier for me to comprehend and manifest these principles.  While the Four Agreements explains what to do, NLP offers the knowledge about  how to do it.

The NLP practitioner training I took in Colorado almost 35 years ago, taught me how to identify and change limiting belief systems, how to challenge assumptions (my own and others’) using specific questioning techniques, how to manage emotions, and how to create new habits more easily.

These skills not only improved my life, but gave me powerful tools I use to help others as they encounter the obstacles that life presents.

I highly recommend both the book and the NLP training.

Jan Prince

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Jan Prince

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