Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts of Running Challenging Meetings

 An invaluable session with Jan Prince now available as a one-hour recorded webinar (Produced by Siera)

A big decision needs to be made. Difficult information needs to be communicated. Two sides of a disagreement need to be brought together. On the other hand, avoiding conflict can slow productivity and damage workplace relationships. Instead, plan for meetings that create a healthy environment for sharing information, making decisions, improving communication, and moving people and projects forward.


    • Pre-Meeting Preparation
    • The Tools And The Environment
    • Meeting Agreements
    • How To Conduct The Meeting
    • Ending And Follow-Up


  • Make conflict in meetings productive.
  • Advance projects and people.
  • Build your confidence and competence in meeting facilitation.

Rent this webinar for 72 hours at The Nuts and Bolts of Running Challenging Meetings – produced by Siera.