Is it Information, Knowledge, or Wisdom?

imagesInformation is everywhere – and everyone knows everything because we can google it. Think of it as piles of factoids – like bricks for building.

Knowledge is knowing how to put the bricks together into something cohesive- how to construct a building.

Wisdom is using the knowledge well- should a building be constructed at all, and what materials are best for the purpose.

Everyone has information. Some have knowledge. Very few have Wisdom. Wisdom involves knowing when to impart knowledge or opinions.

Before opening one’s mouth it is wise to remember the NeuroLinguistic Programming principle:

Know what you want to happen by saying what you are about to say. First ask:

  • Will what I am about to say be useful?
  • Has my opinion been invited?
  • Am I just showing off what I know?
  • Am I fulfilling my own need to fix things?

I’ve heard it expressed even more precisely:

  • Does it need to be said?
  • Does it need to be said now?
  • Does it need to be said by me?

A passage from Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth has good advice regarding this: “Being present is always infinitely more powerful than anything one could say or do, although being present can give rise to words or actions.”

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Jan Prince

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