Foundations for Healthy Relationships Retreat

Come to this three day retreat and get the tools to transform your relationships.

 August 6-8, 2018

Winter Park, Colorado

Do you or someone you know ever feel like you’re stumbling in the dark trying to figure out how to make relationships work? Are you at a loss for how to improve those relationships you find challenging?

Are you tired of:

  • fighting or arguing frequently
  • constant misunderstandings
  • feeling lonely
  • suffering
  • not feeling safe
  • struggling to create connection
  • lacking intimacy
  • sabotaging yourself and/or your relationship
  • trying to live fairy tale endings
  • feeling like you are “relationship challenged”


If so, you are not alone. Many of us were never taught the basic skills, attitudes, and mindset that create healthy, loving, peaceful relationships. Instead, most of us learned our relationship skills through trial and error, or by observing the relationships of friends, family, and acquaintances. Unfortunately, many of these relationships also suffer from a lack of skills and are stumbling in the dark as well. As a consequence, we experience and witness much pain and suffering around relationship with family, friends, colleagues, intimate partners, and even the relationship we have with ourselves.

It may seem impossible to do anything about your relationships right now, but the good news is that there is help available. The skills, attitudes, and mindset that are necessary to create healthy relationships have been studied, researched, and codified by many relationship specialists who have discovered the keys to successful, healthy relationships. All the research shows that we have much more control over the quality of our relationships than we think we do. If you have had enough of challenges in your relationships and you would rather:

  • create peaceful interactions
  • have more understanding and clarity
  • have companionship
  • find inner-peace
  • feel secure
  • connect easily
  • enjoy intimacy
  • behave in ways that strengthen your relationships
  • live a “real”, non-fairy tale ending
  • feel relationship confident


Then join us for the Foundations for Healthy Relationships Workshop. This two-day workshop brings together the latest findings in the field of relationship psychology, spirituality, and the powerful, easy to learn processes of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to create an impactful relationship skill building experience. In this workshop you will learn the skills, attitudes and mindset that will transform how you relate with others. As you put your new learning to work, you will feel a sense of inner peace, increased intimacy, and happiness as you notice the positive impact you are having on the quality of your relationships. This learning lays the foundations on which healthy relationships are built.  


Who can benefit from the

Foundations for Healthy Relationships Workshop?

  • singles searching for a relationship
  • happy couples wanting to enhance their relationship
  • divorced individuals seeking peaceful resolution
  • separated couples seeking ways to move forward peacefully
  • family members wanting to connect in healthier ways
  • professionals wanting to enhance their effectiveness in their profession
  • individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their relationships


Who won’t benefit from this workshop?

Unfortunately, there are some who will not benefit from this workshop. Those are the individuals who see themselves as victims of their circumstances for whom it is much easier to blame rather than take responsibility for the condition of their relationships. Generally, when we hold ourselves as victims, we hold certain types of beliefs, attitudes and mindsets that cause much pain and suffering while leaving us powerless to change anything. If you have some of the following beliefs, this workshop probably is not for you:

  • “My partner should know his/her place.”
  • “It’s all my partner’s fault.”
  • “If my partner would only change, do, be _________, I’d be happy.”
  • “If my partner really loved me, they would know what I want.”
  • “In time, I can fix my partner.”
  • “I know I’m right and my partner is wrong.”
  • “I know what’s best for my partner.”
  • “It’s my partner’s responsibility to make me happy.”
  • “I can’t live without my partner.”
  • “There is nothing I can do to make things better.”

However, if you’ve come to realized that holding onto these beliefs is not getting you any closer to having a loving, peaceful, relationship, you might be ready to let go of pain and suffering. If that is the case, please join us at the Foundations for Healthy Relationships Workshop where you will be empowered with the skills, attitudes and mindset to begin creating new relationship possibilities.


Come join us and discover just how good you can get at creating relationships!

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Location:  Winter Park, Colorado

This three-day Residential Program takes place in the beautiful mountain town of Winter Park, Colorado where you can experience the fresh mountain air and spectacular scenery.  Disconnect from your day to day and come join us Take some time to learn the skills to improve your relationships Over the years, our participants have enjoyed the comfortable and convenient accommodations of Beaver Village Condominiums. We have a long-standing relationship with this resort and every year they offer our attendees a discounted lodging rate. Lodging prices are available here.

Stay Winter Park
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Workshop Times

9:00 am – 5:30 pm with a 1:30 minute lunch break. With a couple of evening sessions.

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