Focus on the Trainers: Ricardo Ocampo

Ricardo:babs:luziaI am looking forward to this summer’s training where all of us will get to share learnings and life experiences. I am curious to know you and how NLP will make a difference in your life.

For me, the impact that NLP had on the quality of my life was and continues to be significant. NLP opened doors I didn’t know existed. I’ve learned many things since my initial training in 2004 and I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful countries, practice shamanism and mysticism, learn about other cultures, and speak other languages.

Most important however, is the path of self-awareness, growth, and personal evolution that I have been on.  On this path, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about myself and some of the reasons life was more challenging to navigate prior to acquiring NLP skills. This knowledge has informed and motivated my relationship coaching work. This work has special meaning for me as I have witnessed and lived the destructive power that poor relationships can generate. My mission is to help individuals learn about themselves, their partners, and the skills that can help them create loving and caring relationships. I love to learn and this field has plenty of teachings to offer.

I look forward to meeting you in Winter Park and exploring new territory!

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