Focus on the trainers: Babs Kirmis, Germany

Mamas Bilder 309 (2) copy (1)When the time has come for me to leave this world I would like to be able to say: “Yes, this was good. I learned to live with people—all kinds of people. Those I loved dearly, those I could not avoid, those I chose to meet.”

Learning has been the theme of my 50 years on this planet. My most powerful learning came from children, my own and those who were my students. My work with the mentally handicapped taught me to practice patience and flexibility – which I learned from my NeuroLinguistic Programming training. “If one path doesn’t work try at least two others!”

Traveling, meeting, and learning from people of other cultures has given my life a colorful richness.

Lately I have had to deal with the path of transition—many loved ones passing away – both young and old. Situations in which I have felt I had no choice – except how to find acceptance and internal peace. Still learning!

Hope to be able to meet you and share even more learning experiences this summer!

Barbara Kirmis (Babs)

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