NLP of the Rockies 2018 Training  Calendar

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NLP Starter

See below for exact dates coming up in February.

If you have been reading about NLP, watching videos, and hearing about the great things that can be accomplished with NLP, we have the perfect next step for you. The NLP Starter two-day workshop!

The NLP Starter is an experiential journey into the world of NLP. This workshop will provide you with the basic tools and underlying principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and show you how they can be used for personal transformation and professional excellence.

At the end of this two day NLP Starter, you will understand the power of NLP for rapid personal transformation and the development of professional excellence. Come join us for two days of fun, engaging exploration that might just change the way you look at the world.

The NLP Starter is held near Cherry Creek for more information click here. Take the next step and register for the NLP Starter.

Register for the NLP Starter on August 19-20, 2017. Sale price through August 11, 2017.



The NLP in Love Series


Foundations for Healthy Relationships

Do you or someone you know ever feel like you’re stumbling in the dark trying to figure out how to make relationships work? Are you at a loss for how to improve those relationships you find challenging?

Then join us for the Foundations for Healthy Relationships Workshop. This two-day workshop brings together the latest findings in the field of relationship psychology, spirituality, and the powerful processes of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to create a powerful relationship skill building experience. In this workshop you will learn the skills, attitudes and mindset that will transform how you relate with others in family, work or intimate relationships.

For more detailed information click here.

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NLP Practitioner Training

We invite to begin your NLP journey in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

The Practitioner Training is grounded in over 90 years of cumulative training experience using NLP in diverse situations and contexts worldwide. You will learn how to use NLP to develop the resilience, emotional intelligence and mental flexibility that will give you exceptional resources to meet any challenge. This program includes classical NLP, movement, music, coaching support and team experiences in the beauty and fresh air of the Colorado Rockies.

There are two training formats available for the Practitioner Training. An Extended Program which takes place over several weekends and our summer Residential Program which is a 13-day intensive held in Winter Park, Colorado.

For more detailed information on the Practitioner Training go here.

Extended Practitioner Training

The extended format is offered in the Denver Metro area over six 2-day weekends. Dates coming soon.

Currently in progress.


Residential Practitioner Training

Our Residential Practitioner Training is hosted at the Beaver Village Resort in Winter Park, Colorado.  This program offers a full immersion experience over 7 consecutive days  beginning July 29, 2018 and ending  August 4, 2018. This program is on sale now.

Residential Practitioner Registration


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Residential Master Practitioner Training

July 29 – August 4, 2018 in Winter Park, Colorado.

If you are looking to continue your journey in NLP, we invite to joins us in the beautiful Colorado Rockies to take part in this summer’s Master Practitioner Training. 

Our 7-day Hybrid Residential Master Practitioner Training will be hosted at the Beaver Village Resort in Winter Park, Colorado. This program is grounded in over 90 years of cumulative experience using NLP training in diverse situations and contexts worldwide. In this training you learn advanced techniques, processes and skills that enhance your ability to influence and create change in various contexts be it as a coach, therapist, teacher, or business professional.

The Master Practitioner Training includes classical NLP, as well as, new developments in the field of NLP, movement, music, coaching support and team experiences in the beauty and fresh air of the Colorado mountains. For more information about the Master Practitioner Program click here.

Master Practitioner Registration


Past Events

connirae-andreas-warm-300The Wholeness Process

August 2017

Connirae Andreas will be joining us for three days of training of her new Wholeness Process in Winter Park, Colorado right after our Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings.

If you have never had NLP training this is a great opportunity to experience the mastery of Connirae as her process does not require prior NLP training.

As a Practitioner or Master Practitioner of this summer’s training programs, you can add these three days of additional training to learn this new powerful and simple process that will help you effect change very easily and naturally. To learn more go to this page.


Leading Difficult Meetings workshop

In this workshop, participants learn:

  • How to successfully prepare for a meeting
  • Which tools to have at your disposal
  • Making effective agreements and managing expectations for the meeting
  • How to stay centered and on track while conducting the meeting
  • What makes for the most effective follow up

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Creating Chemistry: A Course in Building Magnetic Rapport

This fun workshop gives you the opportunity to practice the art of multi-sensory communication to rapidly develop and deepen connections with others. Participants will receive an overview of key nonverbal communication principles and practice concrete strategies to build stronger partnerships, amplify understanding and cultivate rapport. Fly solo or feel free to bring your partner – either way, this workshop will give you the skills to make your communication more vibrant, dynamic and compelling.

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