About Us

Our Mission

By teaching NLP processes and techniques, we facilitate the awakening of people to the inner workings of their minds so they may influence their interactions with the world to live more directed and satisfying lives.

We continuously strive to earn our position as the “go-to” training company for elegant, in-depth learnings applicable in real world contexts.

Our History:

NLP of the Rockies has its origins in an incident that occurred over 30 years ago. In 1981 I was producing “Self-esteem and the Art of Being” seminars for the psychologist Nathaniel Branden. Following one of his Denver weekends, he shared with me and Lara Ewing that he had attended a workshop given by Richard Bandler about this new stuff called NeuroLinguistic Programming. Lara became interested and immediately signed up for one of the first Practitioner trainings ever given by Steve and Connirae Andreas of NLP Comprehensive here in Colorado. NLP Comprehensive went on to offer Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer Trainings and other advanced NLP trainings.

I was inspired by what Lara was doing and watched her rise to Master trainer status, recognized internationally for her skill; so in 1984 I took my Practitioner training with Steve and Connirae Andreas, followed by trainings from John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom, and many more with the Andreases, who sold NLP Comprehensive to Lara in the early 90’s. In 1997 Tom Dotz took the helm and continued the tradition of bringing in internationally recognized trainers like Michael Grinder, Charles Faulkner, the Andreases, Tom Best, and Lara Ewing. Under Lara and Tom’s direction classes were distilled into smaller more intense trainings and held in the mountain town of Winter Park. I started training for NLP Comprehensive in 2002 and in the mid 2000’s Tom Best became the Master trainer and training coordinator for the organization.

In 2009, the Andreases (now joined by their son Mark) and I joined in a collaboration called Advanced Mastery Training to offer experimental, expanded classes to Master-trained practitioners. We brought people like Danie Beaulieu of Canada, Andy Austin and Nick Kemp of Britain, and Richard Bolstad of New Zealand to Winter Park and Boulder to share their innovative approaches. The Andreases have continued this endeavor: www.andreasnlptrainings.com.

When Tom Best died unexpectedly in 2011 he left a vacuum in the training community here. Berlin NLP trainer and coach Babs Kirmis and I were heart-broken that his legacy wouldn’t be passed on and she convinced me to take on the task of producing the trainings. We became NLP of the Rockies, a separate entity in collaboration with NLP Comprehensive, continuing the tradition of offering hands-on intensive trainings with internationally respected trainers.

We believe that integrating the skills NLP offers via experiential or hands-on immersion, with a variety of trainers who can model the skills, is critical to its continued success and in that vein are committed to offering such opportunities.

Our Training Team

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