Our 2013 Experience and 2014 Plans

2013 Practitioner Training - exericse

2013 Practitioner Training – exercise

Now that I have come up for air and am recovering from producing and participating in the Real World NLP Practitioner Training I can begin to fully appreciate its impact – both on us, the trainers, and on the participants.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a group that bonded so deeply, or supported and learned from each other so well. I’d like to think that part of that was because of the way we structured the training. One element we changed was to skip the attendee introductions at the beginning, so that they could get to know each other through participating in the exercises. We didn’t want people to label each other by their profession or their own self-perception, but to be discovered and hopefully seen more authentically. And I think that was the case, even though at first it seemed to cause a little frustration.

The daily ½ hour Aikido sessions led each morning by our wonderful German Master, Heiko Kirmis, had us moving and interacting playfully and gracefully (well, some of us were not so graceful!); which helped us activate our brains for the days input. The last two days we had a female example of the moves led by our Assistant Producer, Caitlin Ewing.

Our feedback surveys showed that the demonstrations and “real world” contexts of the exercises were really valuable and we are delighted, since our intention was to make the NLP processes understandable and accessible in real life situations. Attendees also indicated they wanted more time to practice, to understand and go more deeply into the exercises, so we will be altering the structure to accommodate that in our next training.

The Transactional Analysis section with Abe Wagner was a big eye opener to everyone, helping them quickly identify ineffective behaviors in themselves and others, and to use the NLP knowledge of body postures, movement, anchoring, and states of excellence to move into more effective ways to communicate and behave.

The warmth, gentle direction, playful exercises, and creativity of Babs Kirmis; the dynamic, interactive demonstrations of creative conflict by Mark Andreas; the deep knowledge and powerful wisdom of Steve Andreas, the spiritful day in the forest (although challenged by the rain) led by Bobbi Best; the gentle direction, support, stories and coaching by Darryl Debault; and most of all the enthusiasm and willing participation of the attendees made this training all we had hoped it to be: fun, informative and life-changing.

We also had the surprising and delightful contribution of a fellow trainer from Brazil, Gilberto Cury who demonstrated an amazing phobia, anxiety cure.

We have been encouraged to produce the next step with a Master NLP Practitioner Certification. So we are planning a full 12-day course to be given in two six-day segments for this spring (probably April for one Thursday-to-Tuesday segment and May for the next Thursday-to-Tuesday segment.) The next 12-day Real World NLP Practitioner Training will be held the summer of 2015.

The upcoming schedule will be on the NLP of the Rockies site in a few weeks, so plan to join us!

Thank you all – and join us on Facebook to stay connected,

Jan Prince, Trainer and Producer

2013 Practitioner cohort

2013 Practitioner cohort

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